I have always remained confused since childhood about who I should become and what should I do when I grow up. I never realized that in order to achieve something truly, I have to be me.

Initially, I was sure of being a scientist, then an engineer, and almost at the age of 13, I wanted to become an IAS officer, who is a bureaucrat in the Indian government.

As I became 16, I got completely blank about what I should do. Whatever I have to do has to be thought of now. No doubt that there are end number of career options in the world, but I believe that a person has to take a lot of stress to decide which one is best for him/her. I completely lost control of my life and stopped enjoying it as I used to. I became boring and always stressed.

I realized that it is not us who decide our fate. We might make end number of plans about our lives in the future, but it may not necessarily happen as we plan. Life has got it’s own twists and turns and the one who really experiences all those moments of life completely is the one who actually lives. What is the point of living if we have to simply act like robots? Life is filled with opportunities, some are hidden and some lie in front of us. But it depends on us on what decisions we take and how we execute it.

Always dream and follow what your heart says. Never fall into what others say you should become, rather, become yourself. We have always heard people say that life is not a bed of roses, but it is for us to understand that it is not a bed of thorns either. Enjoy each and every moment of life.

Life is all about experiencing it, searching for it’s true essence and finding a proper meaning for it. Life is all about three words- LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE!😃

Darkest Me

Well, people often cannot express their actual feelings or emotions when they tend to get depressed. Most of the youth today go through this stage when one comes face to face with loneliness. It may be at school or anywhere else.

I decided to find out what people feel when they go through this stage and here is how I describe it through a poem that I penned down.

I just got up from a bad dream,

And realized, that all I saw was reality

Sticks and stones make up the way,

Into the long lost dreadful stage.

Plight is not what I call the feeling,

Perhaps it’s too simple a situational meaning

The possessed feeling is something unearthly,

Far away from mankind’s tender reach.

What is this feeling, that is enclosed within,

A chamber of sorrows that I dare not open

Because fear insists on keeping away,

I turn into a devil day by day.

Scorched by the ‘much a bright’ sun,

Paving the way to some so called ‘asylum’,

Maybe bringing me tears of joy and sorrow,

Together, those feelings make a psycho.

The moon has arrived on the darkest evenings,

Where I realize that in my feelings

I have found out the darkest side of me,

And that very night, ‘that feeling’, made me a werewolf!

These are the emotions that one tries to combat but fails to do. Only a few brave go past situations like these.